Sunday, December 11, 2005

Shopping Carts

Have you noticed how big shopping carts have gotten? I don't mean the web shopping carts, I mean the ones with wheels and plastic handles. The retailers have figured out that if we can't haul it to the checkout line, we may not buy it. So I have been looking at shopping carts in all the stores I have been to recently.
I still can't figure out why Kohl's shopping cart is so unlike the others and I wonder how effective it is. The Kohl's cart is more visually appealling, the childseat is much more like a stroller, but to buy items, you basically just stuff them into the back. I often don't grab one, because they look more like a stroller and I don't have stroller tots. Then, I begin shopping and run out of arms. Hmmmm -maybe I am just not their target consumer or I am comparing the wrong store model to Kohls.
Walmart, Target, and Kmart have Carts with the tiny seat for a child. Marshalls and Kohl's have the Strollers with a tiny cart design.
Now I need to go see what JcPenney and Sears have because I really can't remember. All I do know is that Kohl's is no Marshall's and I don't need a stroller, I need a cart! Shopping days are dwindling......


Oriole said...

Actually, I wish I had a stroller JUST LIKE that cart. Know where I can get one? (I'm serious!)

Anonymous said...

I wish Kohl's had shopping carts like the other stores. I have severe spinal pain and when I get to the department I want, I have to leave due to the pain. If you had stronger shopping carts that a customer could lean on, that would allow more time in the store. These carts are dangerous to a person with walking and standing pain.