Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mobile Web Design Best Practices

I am co-publishing a paper on Mobile Web Design Best Practices.  It should be available in PDF form in the next week or so. 
Comment or send me an email if you would like a copy.

Businesses know their customers are using mobile devices, but many businesses don‟t realize how many and how extraordinary the usage trend is. Savvy businesses want to connect with customers in new mobile channels and will take the time to develop a mobile strategy before doing so. The best practices and design patterns present in traditional web sites are mature and often repeatable across industries, where as, the best practices and design patterns in mobile web are in their infancy and patterns are only beginning to emerge.

The mobile strategy will need to be executed by product designers and developers that understand the business objectives, user goals and context of use. This paper, "Mobile Web Design Best Practices", encourages discovering business and user needs, then applying common interaction design principles when creating a mobile website.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ultimate Experience

My customers often ask me to help them create a user experience that meets the needs of all their audiences at the same time.

I have created personalized UI based on user types, roles and profiles. I have created efficient task flows, a multi step process that can be manipulated and entered from anywhere for frequent users, as well as a wizard with helpful text that guides an inexperienced user. Coming up with all these options, views and personalizable experiences costs time and money, causing strains on IT budgets and resources.

SCS Interactive has figured it out.
Ultimate Experience
SCS Interactive Ultimate Experience Products are designed to create one of a kind family experiences. These products bring together the smallest toddlers, their older siblings, parents and even grandparents for a splashing good time.

OK, so maybe they have figured out how to create individual experiences within the concept of a suite of products that work seamlessly together. Oh yeah, we have the same thing in IT. It is called a PORTAL!