Monday, February 27, 2006

Authentic User Experience Design

A Viewpoint article posted on the Design Management Institute website by Peter H. Jones, had one of the best sentences to describe the importantance of contextual inquiry: "the opportunity for designing from understanding the user’s authentic experience. Innovation emerges from truly understanding the fit between product and person."

I have never been able to describe the importance of getting early user data to help design the right product, even if the user doesn't know what that is yet. Read the article. It is worth your time!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Product Viability Indicator Tool

The Federal Government of Australia uses Product Experience research to market and forecast the international and domestic tourism market in their country. Their research measures interest and motivation of 200 key experiences and activities that could be visited while on vacation in Australia.

The Product Viability Indicator tool is a database that the research interview findings are logged in. It allows the Australia Tourism organization to search through the findings and offer ways to market and prioritize the travel experience offering in their area of the country and which audiences to focus on.

They don't actually show the tool or the information that could be used but the slide deck showing some of the research artifacts are interesting. Good to see Australia recognizing that holiday travel is a product and treated as such.