Monday, March 07, 2011

2011 Mobile Trends

Most of our clients are trying to find ways to engage their customers through mobile channels.  Mobile strategy professionals are helping clients understand what their customer's need from them in the mobile enviroment.  We define mobile strategies with prioritized feature offerings that scale from the simplest smartphone to the rich interfaces of tablet devices using the most appropriate technology solutions for the client's business and technology infrastructure. 

Don't build what you can re-use and don't build something you can't re-use!  Companies are beginning to take the mobile channel seriously and dedicating multi-million dollar projects to enable content and features for this ever-present customer connection.

If you are serious about understanding what is happening with mobile and what is next on the horizon, I recommend the Forrester article published in January on 2011 Mobile Trends by Thomas Husson and Julie A. Ask with Mark Mulligan, Charles S. Golvin, Ian Fogg, and Annie E. Corbett.