Monday, June 13, 2005

UCD Proposal Basics

While I am trying to put the finishing touches on one project, I am putting together a proposal for another.

The Background

The hardware (3 separate products that work interactively with one another) will be unchanged, but the software needs to be refactored for a user population with completely different needs. Only 2 of the products have UI. One product is for the user and one product is for the programmer. The first project I participated in was for one target audience, the second project is for an entirely different target audience.

Basics of Proposal - UCD in 3 phases - Research, Design, Validate.

Users have already been studied extensively, so we will be using previous human factors data for that user profile, but will be studying the new target audience.

  • Watching initial use of device.
  • Watching follow up use of device.
  • Watching users be trained on new device.
  • Watching follow up sessions with users after they have used the device for some period of time


  • Design additional features for existing users based on previous data
  • Design for programmers treating existing users based on previous data
  • Design for new target audience with new study data
  • Design for programmers with new study data


We will be validating the designs in Europe and the US for all audiences.

The Challenge

The research-design-testing of these 3 products for two different disorders and two primary user types needs to be done by the end of the year.

Whooo-doggie - I like a challenge!

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