Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Design Reviews

I went through a UI conceptual design review with system engineering and product planning today.

Here's the challenge:
I had never met either before, so my assumptions about their communication needs were based on their job titles.
  • The product planner (marketing) head would want more pictures and storytelling.
  • The systems engineer (development) head would want more detail and would point out more flaws.

Luckily, horrible generalizations proved helpful, but of course they weren't right on and I found myself back peddaling and providing more detail for the product planner than expected.

I also learned that some of the original feature requirements given me, did not come from product planning, so some of the concepts seemed pretty far out there. All in all, it turned out well, but it is amazing how each day you learn something you never expected.

Requirements gathering in are not as clean cut as I expected them to be.


Lyle said...

Cool. I get the first comment. :)

Welcome to the blogosphere! Mitch pointed me here, and plugged both our blogs from Shot in the Dark (see http://www.shotinthedark.info/archives/005824.html).

I'm adding you to my blogroll next.

Hope to see you at the meeting tonight.


DeeDee D said...

Hey Lyle! I can't believe how fast you found me, I thought I would be practing and get a feel for this for a while before I mentioned it to anyone. Shows the power of the medium!