Thursday, June 14, 2007

UPA 2007 Contextual Inquiry Examples

Debbie McConnell and I presented at the UPA 2007 conference. Our first talk was about making the transition from web design to small screen design, "Designing for Small Screens: Crossing from Web to Product Design."

Our second talk, "Contextual Inquiry: Get Out of Your Cube!", was about using the skills you have acquired doing studies in an office setting and some tricks we have found for preparing to study in non-office settings like warehouses, manufacturing facilities, medical settings, high security environments and other environments that have potential safety issues.

I promised to make sure that the examples I displayed would be made available in several ways, one of them was on this blog. So, if you were able to find the blog, even though I could not remember the URL, please feel free to get a copy of the presentation, checklist and observer log.


Miriam said...

thanks DeeDee and Debbie. Your Contextual Inquiry session was one of the highlights of the UPA conference - well presented, practical and useful.

Carologic said...

Thanks for sharing - I wish I could have attended!

Ellen said...

Look forward seeing your posting soon.