Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Web Technology Trends

I enjoy randomly surfing the web to stay on top of how new technologies are being used successfully on sites and new technologies that are still in exploratory phase.

Successful use of AJAX
I like the new design of the SimonDelivers online grocery store. They have made their shopping cart and recommended items present on every page while shopping in a very clean and streamlined manner. Probably not 508 compliant, but the design intention is good.

Interesting new technology with Blaze
Take a look at this 3D Mizuno wedge golf club animation by Holomatix. Wow! Realistic and the ability to manipulate by panning, zooming, rotating in 3D space is great. I can think of lots of opportunities for providing these interactive images. I wonder how effective these are in helping a person make a purchasing decision? Does it matter what the product is? What types of products would this be most effective with? How could this be used in the education, training and support field? Great potential opportunities here.

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