Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Interactive Architecture - Urinal Video Games

I found a great site today on interactive architecture.

They had a funny article with video clip about a project at the MIT Media Lab on an interactive urinal. The combination of the virtual with the physical is what intriqued me the most. The stream producer was able to fire the stream at different areas of the backsplash in an attempt to hit the corresponding images on the video screen.

Take a look at the video, don't worry you won't see anything objectionable.


Kiara said...

Yeah, that was funny. I admire those people having so wide imagination. I love playing Download Games, and I don't think I will enjoy playing that kind of stuff. :)

happyface said...

Extraordinary imagination. Controlling the urine to make the Video Games works. Kind of fun when you are actually playing the game yourself. At least the developer has the originality :)