Thursday, July 07, 2005

Focus Group or Not?

So the marketing manager sets up our first contact with real users, which I stated would be actual users of the device. Unfortunately, she didn't hear the "in their work environments" part.

Like a good marketing manager she hosts a focus group, complete with dinner and drinks during a training event.

Now I work fast to turn a focus group into a contextual inquiry and design walkthrough session.

I will be bringing the devices, showing screens shots of newly designed GUI for new features, and allowing time for lots of questions and answers. So now a 2 hour focus group has turned into a fact gathering, design walkthrough I will facilitate for 1.5 hours and a focus group for 15 minutes that our Product Marketing Manager will facilitate.

BONUS - I will be attending the training program that covers things every introductory practicioner attends. The agenda includes selection, advanced device programming issues, user management, and case study presentations by attendees (whoo-hooo, now that's what I'm talking about!)

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